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"What's with that name 40 Acres Real Estate? Do you sell farms?"

Through my studies, I became inspired with the post American Civil War Reconstruction Era when former African American slaves were granted "40 acres and a Mule" as a path towards self sufficiency & financial independence by President Lincoln. This was a great opportunity to gain their financial freedoms and to build generational wealth. The promise of 40 acres and a Mule was broken after the Presidents' assassination helping to lead to over 150 years of higher unemployment, debt and poverty than for those allowed to own land. The estimated value of the lands promised to the former slaves in 1863 today is over $6 trillion!

I am a passionate student of history and I have learned that one can neither earn nor save their way to wealth. Generational wealth is created either through investing in the stock market or in real estate. My goal is to help provide an opportunity to own real estate for the many Millennials and black Canadians that are missing out on our generations' greatest opportunity to build the wealth our ancestors strived for.

I have worked a majority of my life in real estate. First as a tax assessor for York Region, then helping finance home purchases for hundreds of families as a mortgage specialist for one of Canada's 5 big banks. I then became a mortgage underwriter for Canada's largest non-bank mortgage lender which gave me an insiders view of how to effectively setup mortgage financing for those who are most vulnerable: new Canadians, the self employed, those with bruised credit, and previous bankrupts.

The historical significance of "40 Acres" was the inspiration to name this website in honour of those who wanted so desperately to become independent land owners and achieve their financial freedoms but couldn't. Today, home ownership is a right for all Canadians and I am in your corner to help. Your dreams are my dreams and your goals are mine. It would be an honour to be in your corner. I love real estate; let's discover why I am the best choice for you.

Michael Grant


Real Estate Sales Representative

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